One of the changes we have had to cope with in growing and maturing has been the recognition that our diets, that have served us well in the past, no longer suit us now.
Gone are the days when we could indulge in a three course lunch, including beer or wine, at a very modest price in just about every local hostelry, thanks to General Franco, who insisted that the working man must be able to get a substantial hot meal every working day for a reasonable price. The ‘menu del dia’ is therefore still available in every Spanish town, village or wayside inn.

We have like so many become our own detectives to seek out those things that suit us now and those that are best thanked, blest and left to the past. Both of us suffered with a sweet tooth so we were no help to each other when it came to coping with middle-age-spread, but having communicated with our bodies on a regular basis it was a delightful surprise to receive the following message (in italics) from Archangel Raphael through our friend Dawn Katar this morning.

In the days of our past when mealtimes were in silence apart from appropriate readings from the scriptures we have enjoyed the process of blessing our food and offering it to God, ‘… as a token of love and thanks for all you provide for us and all you help us to do.’

In the process of giving hands on healing in was always my fervent prayer to bring ‘inner peace’ to the body and mind of the one seeking help. The transmission from Raphael appears to me more like a beautiful daily digestion meditation, which we can all benefit from and it goes like this:

Today, let us consider being at Peace with your physical digestive system. Sitting in stillness, feel the entirety of the beautiful system of organs that support your wellness. Begin with blessing your mouth, swallowing muscles and oesophagus. Have a sip of water and notice it bathing these organs in Peace. Continue to your stomach. Let Peace fill this vessel of life. Continue through all phases of your intestines, feeling Peace move through gracefully and noticing that any resistance is an opportunity to welcome more Peace. Trust your body to bring Peace to all other systems as the flow of nutrients flows through your blood. So Be It.
Archangel Raphael.

I wish you all Peace of Body, Mind and Spirit.


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