The Universe on your side.

If you thought that you were alone on your pathway to Ascension and desperately searching round for a Guru, a leader, any one to follow …
The fact is that you have everything you need right there within you, and all you want is a little of the nasty stuff to get you on your way.
Yes you’ve guessed it, mentioned the last time. DISCIPLINE.

But still you might think you were on your own, but there’s a tiny ‘Tinkerbell’ that is longing to be listened to. You know that still small voice inside, the voice of conscience that tells you when you’re doing the right thing ?

But even then you’re still not alone. To most of us unheard and unseen there are our personal angels and helpers who walk beside us every step of the way gently nudging us in the right direction. Well, knowing that, you might think it was enough, but this is a wonderful time of opportunity, not to be missed, and just to let you know how many are out there routing for us, after ‘Seize the Day’ the following was received from Archangel Jophiel via Dawn Katar:

Millions beyond millions of souls are watching what earth humans are choosing to express in these days. They are holding hope and faith in you that you will choose Peace. Their desire is that you choose Love. Their consciousness sends forth magnificent energy to assist you in making aware and aligned choices.
The universe is watching your rebirth. Alleluia!
Archangel Jophiel

With the Universe on your side what more do you need ?

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2 Responses to The Universe on your side.

  1. We are all of us part of this Change.. And we are part of the Universe.. Blessings and a peaceful weekend. ~Sue

  2. Thomas Davis says:

    I could use the universe on my side right at this moment. Thank you David.

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