Seize the Day.

Many reading the Seth books for the first time may find them intense and difficult to take in all at once, but would perhaps see them differently at a second attempt. They are channelled teachings in a series of books from one named Seth (who represents many) through the mediumship of Jane Roberts, and published by the New World Library. Why a second attempt ?

One of them you could call a personal Seth study book: ‘The Nature of Personal Reality’ has been echoed recently by Archangel Metatron through the mediumship of James Tyberonn ( that is readily recommend as an essential course of study for any seeker on the path, under the heading of:
‘The Law of Attraction, Belief & Conscious Creation’.
The beauty of course, if you haven’t got the Seth book, is that this course is free on line, but of course the two go hand in hand so well to help you its worth getting access to them both.

It has to be said that it’s not the sort of thing you can take up and put down on a whim. Once embarked on this course it is like walking through the doors of an Angelic Academy and the one thing that is required, as in any strict school, is personal discipline.

It is serious work that requires deep searching of your self, your ideas, feelings and beliefs. Being willing to look into the corners of the rooms of your mind and change the furniture if necessary. Since when it comes to the crunch it is your deepest feelings and ideas that fix your beliefs and, make no mistake, you are what you believe.

The pathway to Ascension, as with any worthwhile venture in the School of Earth is not easy. Where would the real learning be if it were easy ? But if you are prepared to make the most of the path to Ascension you need to give this opportunity your best shot and as AA Metatron says, ‘Carpe Diem’. Translated as: ‘Seize the Day’. In fact, don’t waste your limited time on earth, make the most of every day !

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  1. Good post! The Seth books were very helpful to me back in the 70’s – they help a person expand their paradigm, lift their consciousness, and stretch their imagination. Over the years I’ve found further inspiration from Caroline Myss’ latest works (especially “Entering the Castle”). It goes beyond the Seth writings in certain ways – with its inclusion of the sacredness of these subjects, and a recognition of divine consciousness. Seth and Myss complement each other.
    Interesting blog – I’m subscribing and looking forward to reading more!

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