Its Good to Talk

We had been discussing the relevance of the straight and narrow path, stumbling on or falling off the path etc., and what our true purpose is in any lifetime and how to find out where we are.
Yes, a lot is talked about being in the right place no matter what, you know,
‘wherever you are is right where you are meant to be’, yeah right !
But to our common appreciation that just meant making the best of any situation …
well isn’t that what life is all about ? (Define ‘best’ !)

 So the question was asked:
We understand that the Soul within is the passive witness, not having much say, following incarnation, and we wonder if it is possible to connect, to communicate with the Soul to perhaps understand more of its destined path, and what is right for us to experience right now in this life.

If you feel that your life is not going the right way, you should sit down quietly and the three of you should talk.

Your Body, Spirit and Soul can share where you are, and the Soul in that state can say what is needed for the Spirit to follow the true pathway.

 So there you have it !
Find a quiet place away from snores, heavy breathing, traffic or TV and say how you really feel deep down, then allow the real eternal you to have its say.  You and Spirit are the active partnership and sometimes we all need to listen.
Be prepared for some surprises.
It’s good to talk !

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1 Response to Its Good to Talk

  1. Thomas Davis says:

    David, at graduation time at Navajo Technical College I like to take as much of a back row seat as possible. However, the college’s leaders often don’t let me get away with what I prefer. At our graduation the medicine men and cultural leaders lead us past the sacred fire into the graduation arena, usually a huge tent under a New Mexico sky. Then the graduation occurs with all of its pomp and circumstance, then we are led out again into the hogan at the front of the campus, the speakers and the graduating students. Last year Dr. Thomas, the head of Dine Studies, who is always the master of ceremonies, waited until the last minute and then, after I was in the hogan, directed me to dismiss the graduates. In the circle you really ought to follow what Dr. Thomas says, so, of course, I did. This blog reminded me of what I said, dismissing the graduates into their lives: Walk the straight path, the good path, the narrow path. Scatter into your lives and the arms of your friends and family, but always remember, you must represent your self, you family, your clan, your tribe, and this school from this moment forward.
    Your post reminded me of that moment, and for some reason, the moment was beautiful as was the entire ceremony that day.

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