Mechanics of our Multidimensional Life

Following comments on our previous posts we would like to explain:
In this dimension we are a four part being: Soul, Angel, Body, Spirit.
The Soul is the eternal spark, the part of the Source, that is the prime mover for life. 

The Guardian Angel, so called, is an aspect of the Soul that exists only for a lifetime. (Not as some believe an altruistic etheric being dedicated to your welfare which then goes on to help someone else at your life’s end.) It is reabsorbed into the Soul at the end of a lifetime, bringing with it the life experience from the etheric point of view.

 The physical Body speaks for itself in more ways than one.
The Body and all of its seven selves together with the 13 Chakra interface between the endocrine and etheric constructs the Spirit for a lifetime or beyond …

 At the end of life the Spirit would normally download to the Akasha the total life experience seen from the physical and in the process disintegrate, just as the body disintegrates in or on the earth. 

However under certain circumstances especially at sudden or traumatic death the Spirit can hold on to that experience at the expense of the normal path to download. 

Rescue Circle Healing work, I was involved in for many years, is concerned with the turning of the consciousness of the lost Spirit, (there is no such thing as a lost Soul) to the ‘Light’ or the download path. 

A lost Spirit is often referred to as being in Limbo. A subject of much discussion and on a see-saw, for and against, within the Catholic Church.
And so it is.

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