Friend from distant world. (Thumb and 2 fingers only on each hand.)

I greet you from world far away.
We are not as you, we are not as human, we would not show ourselves to you in the beginning you would not understand, you would not like what you would see. But we are of the same mind as you, we have the same Divine Source the consciousness which you call of the Christ is ours also.

Do not be afraid. We come to make ourselves known to you, to prove to you, you are not alone in this universe. You have wondered, you have discussed Ascension. Although we may not be like you we are here to help you. Many there are of us. Some like us, some like you, some like neither – different.

But here to help this transformation process for you and for your home, your beloved Mother planet Earth. She needs our help more than you!

Have faith your transformation will be easy, so easy but not for her. She will go through much, much change. You merely don a new suit of clothes which you call body. Do not be afraid of this process. Many there are to help, many there are to bring you love, many there are to bring you comfort.

You see we cannot even fit these hands! We do not have your hands this is why it was difficult to come but we come to prove to you.

Always look to the light. Your first exercise is good, look to your light, aspire to your light. When things seem black, dark, heavy, look to your light.

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