CO000203 Red Cloud brings a Gift of Peace:

Christmas is a time traditionally associated with Peace despite the carnage that invades our space in every news cast. Red Cloud came to talk with us about the peace we all crave.
All: Greetings.
We feel that we should pass the Pipe of Peace … you have asked for peace.
So we bring this Pipe of Peace as a gift which we place before you now.
Let it remain in the centre. Each time you meet remember this Pipe of Peace, bring it into your minds when you send healing and ask for peace. Remember this!
It has been said many times that the Nations are gathering. You will remember this.  (The gathering of the N.A. tribes since the late 90’s)

And the gathering continues and as you gather in your little group remember that there are gatherings in other worlds and there are gatherings in your other countries, gatherings of the tribes. The time is approaching when all must come together, all of like mind, who seek this peace which you ask for.

Your saying “when two or three are gathered”. 

You know and you have witnessed the difference in the power when you are gathered. When you are alone you have just one power but when you are gathered your power is not just multiplied by the number it is many, many times more powerful which is why the gatherings must take place. And as you gather, like other groups gather and other nations gather, the power is increased hundred fold and it is this power that is required to bring the peace that you ask for.
So continue to gather, continue to send out your prayers.
Remember your Pipe of Peace, which is yours now, a gift from us.


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2 Responses to CO000203 Red Cloud brings a Gift of Peace:

  1. Uncle Tree says:

    Red Cloud has gathered up my respect.
    His message couldn’t be more clear. But,
    I wonder, as we gather on the internet,
    if our collective consciousness has the same ability
    and the same power to move people to act, or do we
    have to gather together as one physical body?

    Hello there! 🙂 Nice to meet you! Best wishes for 2012!
    Hanging with The Prince Of Peace, I am.
    Uncle Tree

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