In this strange world we inhabit where on average 12 are killed in Pakistan every day …

Abraham comments:
These beings, that are acting out in those ways that you find so awful, are tormented and suffering in ways that you will not understand. Their horrible acts are extensions of that pain. We also have to say to you – no one who is not a vibrational match to that could be their victim.
Abraham-Hicks Publications.

 It is said, ‘the only things certain are taxes and death.’
Taxes you can rely on every year, the uncertain thing is the time of death.
At a deep level within the human psyche you are aware of the moment of your death even for those whose deaths seem like an accident, natural or man made, this is so.

 All is One even in death.
The NA Indians, if out killing rabbits would wait for the first one to go, thinking that it would go on to reproduce. So they only took the second one. They would bless the animal and the Earth for bringing them nourishment.
What they did was they gave the opportunity, so the first one could inform his brothers and sisters of the (proposed) killing. That’s what happened.
So whoever came to them afterwards was a self offering, the second animal came to those who were hungry and offered itself. 

Gratuitous killing for the sake of sport is against the Law of Life. This type of abuse of life will incur a penalty, not just on the one but on the whole of humanity, as species move towards extinction.

Taking only sufficient for food is permitted within the Law.


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2 Responses to DEATH & TAXES & DEATH

  1. Pat Cegan says:

    We also have to say to you – no one who is not a vibrational match to that could be their victim.

    I never heard this idea before. I do not understand how it could always be so. Interesting. I must give this more thought. Thank you, as always, for your help. Note the poem I posted today about compassion being the key to understanding those who wish to do harm.

  2. Uncle Tree says:

    I’ve never been a hunter, but I do have to wonder,
    if the same goes for fishing. Catch and release the first one?

    Perhaps, you are part N.A.? Awhile back, I read
    Neihardt’s book on Black Elk. His vision
    has never left my memory.

    Peace to you, UT

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