Osiris speaks:

Your time passes so quickly, there is so much to do, you must remember that for many of your years now your time and measurement of time has speeded up. Now this is why you feel such pressure to get things done. It is impossible to do what you did before in the same time, it is no reflection on you. It is a fact – time has speeded up.  

So the fact that you cannot do what you did before is not your fault. You need to reappraise, look at what you are comfortable doing and do that. Do not stretch beyond your limits, you will become ill. 

The level of your accomplishment, your capacity to achieve is changing all the time, do not be hard on yourselves. There are many pressures in your lives, this we know. Only do what you are comfortable doing and do that as well as you can.

 Remember this is a time of testing. Many things will be laid before you, if you are happy with them take them. But if you are not happy with them let them go by, there is no fault or onus in this, it is what you are comfortable with and in all of this do not lose faith. Most of all do not lose faith in your self! 

Also remember that you are one with one another you are not alone, understand the strength you have, the knowledge that you have. You are worthy, all of you are worthy.
Blessings on all of you. 

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