Grace and Angels

Grace is all about alignment. Angels are so graceful because of their alignment with Divine Will. This alignment enables them to transcend the boundaries between realities. And now they are coming into your reality more and more. Not because they couldn’t come before, but because you have invited them, so that their coming into your lives is in full accordance with Divine Will.

This invitation comes from your hearts. Many of you chose that in this lifetime you would carry with you an invitation written into the substance your etheric body. The earlier stages of your spiritual journey might be thought of as devoted to opening the envelope that held this invitation.

When enough of you are able to resonate with this note of invitation and welcome, then you create a vortex, a doorway through which the angels come. This is beginning to happen. Angels are moving into your reality and manifesting through your hearts. For wherever that note of welcome and unconditional love is shared an angel, in accordance with Divine Will, can appear.

The sharing begins within you. Do your best to share a welcoming love with your own self. Look upon yourself as a beautiful presence in the world, worthy of an infinite and unconditional love. In this way you come to know your Divine Self and you open a door wide for angels to flood into your world.
From Sananda via

 We can confirm, from personal experience, that although you have made this invitation in the past, however you confirm this invitation in the now it will be answered. We share our simple method, which was to take a small wicker basket into which we placed the names of our personal angels, names we knew from the Bible and arisen masters who had been introduced to us in the past. All on carefully folded pieces of paper. We chose a name to mention in our prayers each week.

The predominant names were those of the Solar Lords and it soon became apparent to those who watch over us what we were doing. Their first connection went like this:
‘It seems you are in love with the Solar Realms! And so we come to help you.’ 

If you follow our blogs you will know what followed was a series of questions and answer sessions which are enabling us to help ourselves and also others on their pathways towards the light. So if you feel this connection go for it!



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1 Response to Grace and Angels

  1. Warrior Poet Wisdom says:

    A wonderful write. I think another word for alignment is confidence. People who are most confident in themselves and their true purpose in life, service to others, are always abundant in grace.
    Peace & grace,

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