Once the decision is made by the Soul to take a certain set of conditions for the next life, all is set in motion and cannot be changed. It is therefore desirable to take notice of wise council in order to choose the required lifetime circumstance to provide the next necessary step in growth of the Soul. For the Soul is then merely the witness of the spirit’s attempts to live within the conditions set for the body to experience.

In the Gospel of Thomas 112.
Jesus says: woe to the flesh dependant on the Soul, woe to the Soul dependant on the  flesh.

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3 Responses to WOE TO THE SOUL

  1. Sometimes it makes one wonder the plan we have for the soul.. But I keep following the road of experience.. Blessings to you

  2. Pat Cegan says:

    Would you please explain how you experience the soul and spirit as two parts? Thanks! hugs, pat

    • eugene1941 says:

      With pleasure Pat…
      my belief based on the Cabala is that Humans are composed of three parts ..

      the Soul – Immortal – passing from one body to another to achieve purity.
      the Body – mortal – belonging to the personality created by
      the Spirit – influenced by the period and the circumstances it “lives” in. It is subject to culture, race, sex and education – and is mortal or/and immortal (see below).

      At the moment of death there is a separation between the three parts…
      the Soul leaves the Body while it does not serve its purpose anymore.
      the Body will decompose and return whence it came from ..Mother Earth
      the Spirit being supposed to disintegrate and fill the Akashic Record with its experiences and wisdom, whether good or bad.

      The Spirit, due to circumstances, might not be willing to disintegrate and “chooses” to “haunt” the world he thinks he “knows”. These Spirits are what we call “Phantoms”. They “behave” and appear as when they were embodied, therefore we speak of “Ghosts” such as the “White Lady” or “the Murderer” , etc. We seem to be able to give them names and pinpoint the period and the region, when and where they died.
      This would be an unthinkable situation if the Spirit were the Soul, while there would or could be no “valuable” experience to be lived. Souls need bodies and spirits to go through the necessary experiences accepting seemingly disastrous choices while they are preparing the next “incarnation”.

      What that preparation is supposed to be is another matter and hopefully we could discuss our understanding of it in a next entry.

      Love and Light .

      The Angel Messenger

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