It is said that we need to let go of our emotional body as we transmute into the phase of Unconditional Love through the process of Ascension. 

If you are in contact with the Angelics or the Ascended Masters you will be aware that some can appear to be abrupt, cold and emotionless. Certainly they do not suffer fools gladly. Whereas most of us tend to be guided by our emotions, easily swayed from rational thought or making decisions in the highest interest of all. 

St Germain speaks through Dawn Katar today:
Why will you so often live in your emotional body with no reference to your God Light? Do you think you can indulge this choice forever? Your emotions require acknowledgement but do not need you to throw a party in their honour. Feel your emotions and while doing so, proclaim Peace. Let your God Light flow through to quicken the transmutation of your stuck emotional body. Peace Be Now.

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  1. Paulette Jackson says:

    Thank you for your thoughts. Paulette Jackson The Conversant Counselor http://www.facetsofcounseling.wordpress.com

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