OC0000622 Osiris speaks:

Greetings sisters.
What you have just witnessed could be called the power of suggestion! It is also the power, the power in raising consciousness, a powerful meditation.
[David had just given the ‘Higher Self’ meditation.]
You must not worry that you did not seem to achieve a certain result. You know sisters it is the journey that is important not the ultimate aim or winning the race, it is the journey that is important. This journey may be made many times and similar journeys will help you in your development. Sometimes the raising of consciousness is too rapid, too soon, but nevertheless the journey (Meditation) is important.

It is important that you make this journey when you feel ready on your own or you can ask this one (David) to lead you again. The link with the self within is so valuable to you, there are many unnecessary, unwise practices which some foolishly indulge in, supposedly to hasten their development and in so doing put themselves in danger, but to forge the link with the true self is the true way. When you can communicate, be at one with the true self, you really need no other you will be at one, you will receive all the help and advice you could possibly need.

This was taught in ancient mystery schools in Egypt. It has been known for centuries, for thousands of your years. There is nothing new, there is much for you and the human race to remember, much has been lost. You (Humankind) have made great strides in other ways, ways which have ignored the spirit. You have forgotten, you must remember, and when you remember ….
Thank you.

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2 Responses to OC0000622 Osiris speaks:

  1. More and more are remembering who we are .. Wishing you well in your Meditations ~Dreamwalker

  2. At first I thought you meant life is the journey. I now understand, you are talking about meditating. Correct? Taking the time to really connect, instead of rushing, ignoring the spirit.

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