OC000615 Red Cloud speaks

Welcome friend.
It has taken time to become accustomed again. We have not spoken for some of your time. It has taken time for this one (David) in his study and this is right, but he has had to exclude us while his mind is on other teachings. He is now free of that work. We told him all would be well but you know even now he has doubts. [laughter]
One day he will trust! We have been with this one for a long time.
May we know who you are?
We are Red Cloud … we are many. And you are many also. When we come to you sister you have not taken from this one (David).
I see.
We have many facets to our being. We can be with this one and with you sister or with another, all in your same time. It is a difficult concept for some, but you are now of … that way of thinking … shall we say, that enables you to understand the idea of many facets.
You have been told your divine spirit has many facets, you are just one of them. And we, it is a little more complicated than that but will do for now, have many facets too. And so as we said can be with more than one. We have been with this one for many years, as we say, until quite recently we did not speak. We came to be with this one (David) to bring forward the healing.
Thank you.

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1 Response to OC000615 Red Cloud speaks

  1. While sitting for Trance myself We are also often told ” We are Many” something some find hard to comprehend.. for we are but one facet of the soul..
    Blessings to you.. ~Dreamwalker

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