OC000504 Rameses speaks:

Greetings children.
A: Greetings to you.
One day you will know the power, the true power of the pyramid.
It has yet to be revealed. There are many secrets, lying undisturbed for many hundreds of your years. Secrets covered with sand, buried, buried in the desert. They will be uncovered and it will be realised the true nature and power of the pyramid.

You already know of its restoring power, this is used by some but as in all things the mind must be in the right level of conscious awareness for the power to be realised. Since this power is hidden it is not understood, not realised in its full potential, but when it is revealed it will be used, used again.

Whatever you do in your lives, bring your minds into focus of that task whatever it is. You will then find that the task will be effected more completely, more efficiently. So much you do with your mind on other things so what you do is not complete, is not effected properly. Man does not understand the power of mind, his mind is diverse, it must be in focus.

When you heal you focus, or you should focus, and your healing will be more effective if you can focus, putting all other thought from the mind. And the same goes for any other task that you wish to do, you will begin then to appreciate the power of mind and when the power of mind is focused and allied with the power of pyramid you will see, you will see.
A: Thank you.

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1 Response to OC000504 Rameses speaks:

  1. I have no doubts that many things lay hidden from us, but I also know that knowledge will soon awaken the minds of those who seek the truth… And those days are coming I feel shortly..
    Blessings sent your way.. ~Dreamwalker

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