OC000604 Chinese Guide speaks:

You David are now beginning to have much, much wisdom and understanding and you have come a long way along the pathway of awareness ā€¦ I wish to bring you bluebells because I feel these are a very important colour for you and the month of March is also very important to you also. It is many changes that are beginning to take place here.
And you have much to learn yet and of course learn you will, and of course you will be given much instruction from your own personal helpers and teachers. You have striven very hard through many difficulties, as we have spoken earlier. The pathway of life is not getting easier for those upon the earth plane who wish to serve, but with the love and understanding of those people like yourselves helping one another, helping to bring the light and the truth and to show them the way upon this earth plane. You will be greatly and richly rewarded.
D. Thank you.
You find it very difficult to understand some people that you come across on your pathway of life. You cannot stand the foolish people. You understand?
D: Yes.
You do not like the foolish people and of course the world is full of foolish people until they learn to understand and of course the greatest lesson of all is to learn to forgive one another, especially those who offend you greatly. And you have had many who have offended you tremendously, and I feel that your heart has been very heavy and your heart has been full of sadness. You understand?
D: Yes.
But this now I feel will blossom into some new awakening, some new awareness because your life is becoming now more fulfilled. We also bring peace and love into this circle of light.
D: Thank you.

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3 Responses to OC000604 Chinese Guide speaks:

  1. Pat Cegan says:

    Nice to hear from you again. Will you be doing anything on Friday: 11/11/11, or even before but concerning this day? Hugs, pat

  2. Hi David, what a lovely message you received from your friend.. We are living in exciting times and although we have as individuals been going through our own personal traumas we have been awakened to the energies which are now more powerful than ever.. And as your Friend Pat Cegan says above the 11:11:11 is yet another very important step through this time of Change… I will be doing my own meditation this day and sending my love out into the world…
    many thanks for dropping by with your wonderful comment about Nature.. Im happy to find that many places are receiving the benifits of late blooms as Autumn closes and Winter sets in as Nature hangs on giving her very best right to the end…
    Blessings to you and yours.. Sue~Dreamwalker..

  3. becca givens says:

    David – what a timely and interesting conversation … this is indeed times of change, and I am told that many light workers do not walk an easy path … I’ve been told this life of mine is easier than previous, but still “not a vacation” šŸ™‚ Thank you for leaving a note of your post on Sue’s site. xoxo becca

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